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  Innova Med

Innova-Med is another proud member of Salman group. Inspired by two decades of the group’s business excellence and unwavering devotion to serve the community. Innova-Med is a medical company that strives to bring into the healthcare marketplace the frontier technology and most innovative medical products and solutions that promote healthier lifestyle. Innovation is the key element that we incorporate in every aspects of our business practice.

We aspire and work hard to be at the top tier of Saudi companies that puts the best interests of its customers, global and local partners at the center stage of our mission. Moreover, our strong commitment to hire only the best talented people, and reward them as our partners in success, is fundamental to be the employer of choice and real winners in the ever-growing healthcare market

Our mission:
Innova-Med contributes to the improvement of the healthcare services in Saudi Arabia (and adjunct countries) by introducing innovative medical products and solutions which enhance the patients overall quality of life and the service provided by the caregiver.

Our vision:
To be regarded and recognized as primer Saudi company in supplying only "state of the art" and innovative medical products and solutions.

Innova-Med represents different manufactures;

a) Mar Cor Purification (USA)
Mar Cor Purification is dedicated to providing innovative solutions through filtration, water and disinfection technologies. Mar Cor Purification is uniquely positioned to offer the medical, life science and industrial marketplace hollow fiber membrane filtration, complete water purification equipment and services, and proven sterilant products.

b) Minttech (USA)
Minntech Renal Systems continues to bring value to its partners in the dialysis community. Whether it is high quality hemodialysis concentrates or reprocessing consulting services, Minntech Renal Systems provides the support that enables clinics to accomplish their number one aim: superior patient outcomes. This new endoscope reprocessor uses single-shot technology with Rapicide PA, a new peracetic acid disinfectant that is effective at lower temperature (30°C) with proven endoscope compatibility.

c) Circulator Boot corporation (USA)
Non-Invasive Cardio Based Compression therapy,
Circulator Boot is an FDA approved non-invasive technology and it’s a major breakthrough for patients facing the grim prospect of a leg amputation from the complications of diabetes.

Atomes is a leader in the chemical and biotechnological hygiene products industry. On the strength of its competent scientists, atomes offers unparalleled hygiene products and an outstanding ability to meet new challenges.

C) Hospital furniture
D) "state of art" Dental clinic units from Olsen
C) All kinds of consumable items from
only high quality manufacturing sources in USA, UK, Germany, etc.

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