Metal Fabrication Shop

Fabricate pressure vessels and heat exchangers serving the KSA Market. Pressure vessels/tanks and heat exchangers are used mainly in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry, but are also utilized in desalination plants and power plants.


Heat exchangers (e.g. boilers & condensers) are technically more complex products to manufacture as compared to Pressure Vessels and are used by refineries, petrochemical & power plants for steam generation and condensing steam into liquid. They require special capabilities in design, fabrication and welding of special steels

Pressure vessels (e.g. reactors & splitters) are technically less complex to manufacture as compared to Heat Exchangers, but require special capabilities due to their large sizes. Product dimensions can reach over 100 meters length and over 1,000 tons in weight. Special steels such as stainless steel (type I with Titanium, SA 338 GR2, SB 338 GR2) or carbon steel (type II – Carbon steel/HIC, SA 516 GR 70) are often used in their fabrication.

Oil and Gas and petrochemical industry in KSA will further grow. Forecasted equipment purchase shall reach up to 5.6 Bn per year.
Feasibility study showed that only 45% of local demands are covered by local suppliers.
Key success factors for vessel fabrication is advanced technology , management capability, introduction of innovative tools.
To be competitive SMAFCO will focus on a niche market segment to produce large products that are technically complex to manufacture in terms of thickness, length and diameter to meet very stringent needs
We have secured an industrial plot measuring 80,000 square meters.
Three fabrication bays are proposed for production and fabrication.
Main production processes planned in the factory include; design, cutting, rolling, welding, machining, heat treatment, blasting and painting.

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