Energy Park

Energy Park Project: This project has successfully obtained 1.5 million square meters of land near the Dammam 2ND Industrial Area for the express purpose of developing an Energy Park. The following structure is proposed for developing this project.

The Energy Park Holding Company: A joint venture between Salman Group and other strategic investor(s) who will add value in developing and funding the energy park.

Energy Park Development Company: A subsidiary LLC set up with the specific task of entrusting specialists in the field of developing world class energy cities to design and build a world class Energy Park in order to attract world class oil and gas service providers to set up shop in the energy park.

Real Estate Management Company: A subsidiary LLC for professionally managing the energy park once it has been developed to world class standards and ensuring that it is maintained and upgraded to be continually the best in class. The management company will also provide other logistic and liaison support services to add value to the services of the energy park that on the technical front will be customized to service oil and gas industry service providers and their requirements primarily and other industries secondarily.

Joint Venture Company: An SPV Company to enter into Foreign Joint Ventures with various companies from around the world who would like to do business in Saudi, but are not able or willing to invest their whole resources such as capital and time required for a 100% foreign direct investment.

It also targets prudent foreign investors who understand that a well connected strategic local investor will help them break into the Saudi market and smooth the path with his knowledge and contacts in the local business circles

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