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  Noor Travel

Noor Travel is a fully-owned subsidiary of Salman Group .It is one of the prestigious travel agency located in Al Khobar, Noor Travel is an IATA accredited agency.

Our sophisticated Worldspan Go Travel Information System and Sabre Travel Network System, instantaneously links us with the world's most current rate and scheduling information. But it's our Noor travel consultants who make the difference. They know how to extract the best from our system to provide you with the most direct routes and the quickest connections at the lowest fares. Isn't your time too valuable to waste on incomplete travel arrangements? Our knowledgeable staff is constantly updating their information through continuing education and training to provide you with all the care and special services you desire and deserve. Our experienced travel consultants prepare travel itineraries to meet customers' stringent requirements and offer competitive fares to destinations around the globe.

Our services include door to door delivery of tickets, hotel bookings, car rentals, and travel insurance.

Improved service to valued clients is the aim of the Agency. Its proficiency in meeting contemporary challenges holds it in good stead to emerge on the leading edge as a premier travel agent in the Kingdom. Its motto enjoins: “Creating New Standards in Business and Leisure Travel ".

Corporate travel today is about much more than where your travelers are going.
It's about the way your business is moving.

Using your strategic objectives as a starting point, Noor Travel delivers not only the reliable, high-quality services your travelers need, and we focus on the larger goals of your company: cost optimisation and the highest possible return on your travel investment. In fact, we combine the two—service and value—in a way no other travel management company does, creating a dynamic performance cycle in which procurement, transaction processing and ongoing measurement form a fact-based, iterative loop to maximise your success.

Consider your travel spend today. Did you know that approximately 90% of a typical corporation's travel expenditures stem from the direct ticket costs related to air and prices for hotels and car rentals?

At Noor Travel, we focus our mind on the big picture, delivering the right combination of service and value to optimise your results on a continuous basis.

We have a branch in Al Qatif to cater for the market that Region.

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