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Salman Al Jishi a passionate businessman,anaffectionate family man and a compassionate philanthropist is a well know personality in the political and business community of the Eastern Province.[ K.S.A]

With successful businesses and robust investments in significant business concerns he is the the ...
Saudi is politically a very stable country that has not seen any upheavals or civil disturbances over the past few decades. It has successfully evolved as a modern, progressive industrial nation, by harnessing its natural resources wisely to contribute significantly towards the development of the modern world.
I believe that learning is a continuous process. Read more and more to increase your knowledge and understanding of life and business in order to mature as a more evolved human-being, to be able to contribute positively to society. Utilize your free time constructively to work from a young age to gain practical experience and the chance to apply what you read.

الدمام – مرشد الخالدي

أبدى رئيس أعضاء شر نادي الترجي سلمان الجشي أسه الشديد من موق الاتحاد السعودي للعبة رع الأثقال تجاه ناديه قبل تحقيق بطولة الأندية الآسيوية وما بعدها، والتي اختتمت مناساتها قبل أيام ي

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SALMAN GROUP started with its first commercial license of a printing press way back in the year 1988.

The Group’s Commercial Printing division, Al Raja Printing Press offers uncompromising values and services

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